Friday, April 16, 2010

Al Sharpton Is Right
America Did Vote For Socialism

Al Sharpton is right. America did vote for socialism. In fact, turning America into a socialist-fascist country is the only logical outcome of Obama's current policies. We can defeat the Democratic agenda by intelligent tactics, strategies and field execution.

What many in this new Conservative movement do not understand is this: In order to have credibility as a viable movement Tea Partyers and like-minded others must change the political dynamics.

Far right Conservatives do not have to compromise their principles in order to form alliances with like-minded others. Consequently, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and politics make strange bedfellows. The Tea Party Movement and all these new Conservative organizations will be looked upon as failing if they do not impact the debate and deliver political victories in 2010.

Many Americans do not realize, Obama's arrogance, defiance and indifference to public protest is based on a strategy. And believe it or not... it is a winning strategy. History is on his side and it is not because he is the first African American President. Every successful socialist and communist movement have succeeded during times of economic strife or uncertainty.

Let's examine some actualities and possibilities:
  • The Democratic Party already has 95% of the African American vote,
  • Most, if not all, of the union vote,
  • Most, if not all, of the liberal and far left votes,
  • Most, if not all, non-military government employee votes,
  • A respectable percentage of the youth vote,
  • A respectable percentage of the Hispanic vote,
  • A respectable percentage of "White" women,
  • A respectable percentage of "White" men, and finally,.....
  • A good percentage of the prison vote if current ideas relative to giving inmates voting privileges ever makes to the house and senate.
These figures are rough estimates and not gleaned from scientific polling, but I hope it gives you a basic picture of why Democratic leaders in the house and senate are behaving as they are. They really believe history and the political dynamics favor them. What Democratic strategist and analyst did not forsee was the Tea Party Movement, Conservative Societies for Action and others like it.

Party loyalist will vote for anybody on a political ticket. Consequently, the only votes Democrats cannot look forward to with any degree of certainty are Independents and moderate Democrats. Independents and moderate Democrats will determine whether America wins or loses in 2010. To sway Independents, Democratic strategist and their liberal media supporters really believe all they have to do is:

1. Mount an effective smear campaign against Republicans and Conservatives. And....
2. Effectively marginalize the Tea Party Movement and others like it.

Therefore, it is not necessary or beneficial to bicker over who has more conservative purity or what recent failure/s belong to the Republican Party. Right now, the Republican Party has the organizational structure to help every conservative movement and moderate Democrats slow down this socialist oriented train that is on a fast track to economic collapse. America will not recover financially like we did after Social Security and Medicare became the Law of the land.

The reason, America is no longer the industrial power or the lender nation it was in the past. Even though America is militarily stronger, the country is not economically stronger. Why? Our government owes too many people too much money and we face the prospect and necessity of borrowing billions more.

Therefore, in order to win, Americans who want to save our country must keep every Conservative and Republican vote, persuade the majority of Independents and eke away at the Democratic vote in key battleground states and districts. If Conservatives do not lose their poise and focus, America can win. Contrary to popular belief, 2010 is not a given.

To accomplish the objective - victory in 2010 - Every American that wants to save our country must effectively change the parameters of existing arguments and introduce new arguments that will put these people that want to fundamentally change America on the Defensive. The overwhelming majority of Americans do not fully comprehend what has happened and continuing to happen to them. Why? Many fail to realize, Conservatives and moderates do not control any major political argument/s, they are simply reacting and responding to liberal argument/s.

An argument can be described as any belief system or concept that requires a response, be it positive or negative, pro or con, for or against or with or without. Currently, the political left controls all the arguments, therefore, they control the responses. To end this control, Conservatives and others interesting in saving our country must present new arguments in order to control the responses.

Well you do is this done?

It is done by changing the parameters of the existing argument/s and presenting new arguments. This forces the opposition to respond to a different set of parameters. Consequently, Democrats and their supporters will have to defend policy positions from an entirely different perspective. This will prevent proponents and advocates from praising and spinning or proposing new policies or so-called "Fix It" legislation. As long as you are playing defense, your offense is effectively sidelined. The longer, you are forced to defend, the weaker your defenses become.

Thus, victory is achieved because your offense effectively weakens and exposes vulnerable areas in your opponent's defense and takes advantage of them. In the political game of life, you must have a good defense and a good offense. If either one is weak, you lose. For the past 40 years, Republicans, Conservatives and the rest of America have not had a strong defense or a strong offense.

As a result, the offensive and defensive strategies of the political left have run rings around the majority of people in this country. That's why they really believe they are smarter than the rest of us. Many Americans, including Conservatives, Republicans, many in the Tea Party Movement and this new Conservative movement have a difficult time understanding this. Hence, Barack Obama, the media, the Democrat Party, their supporters and liberals in general can easily dismiss your statements, protest, opposition and marginalize you quite easily.

Well... how can you change this?

  • Marginalize Obama. How? By using his statements against him and exposing him for what he really is... A demagogue.
  • Take the health care bill, attack it on the merits and present it intelligently to uninformed others.
  • Use the recent amendments proposed by the Republican delegation in the house and senate to your advantage.
  • Mesmerize the general public with astounding facts and undeniable truth.
  • Marginalize the main street media by exposing factually and undeniably their political bias.
  • Go on the offensive against the far left.
  • Go into the African American communities with undeniable evidence of the destruction the Democratic agenda has fostered on the African American community. We must never forget African Americans were once solid Republicans until the New Deal. Inform them of the true nature of the Democratic agenda and the legacy of over 1000 Republican African American legislators.
  • Remind African Americans that Frederick Douglas was the first African American that ran for a national political office, not Jessie Jackson. Booker T. Washington was a prominent figure in the Black Conservative Movement. There are more African American Republican legislators that have held public office than all the Democrats combined.
  • Begin, now today, planning tactics and strategies voting block by voting block, district by district.
  • Begin organizing effective ways to raise money for the campaigns ahead.
  • Actively seek out and find other conservative pockets and begin finding ways to improve communication on and off the Internet.
  • Stop bickering within your ranks. There are no perfect people. The past is dead. All of us must live in today's world while planning for our future.
  • Start analyzing Democratic and/or Liberal arguments and begin developing effective counters.
In addition....
  • Stop using the Equal Guilt Syndrome.., i.e, both sides have done it. Use the weight of the evidence instead. The weight of the evidence works like this. Johnny stole one apple. Billy stole a truck load. Even though they both stole apples who is more guilty? Johnny or Billy? Mark murdered his mother. Nicole did not stop for a red light. They both broke the law. Which crime is more severe? This strategy effectively ends the equal guilt analysis. Republicans left us 450 to 600 billion in debt after 8 years. The Democrats have over 1 trillion in debt in less than 2 years and still counting. Who did the most damage to our economy? Bush or Obama?
By allowing the left and the Democrats to use the equal guilt analysis without qualification or quantification, it keeps you weak and strengthens them because they can always point to the one apple you stole, while they continue stealing millions.

The weight of the evidence effectively changes the parameters of the argument, and puts them on the defensive. As long as they are defending, their offense is on the sidelines. Democrats cannot defend their thievery, abuse of process, their failed economic, social and educational programs, their failed policies and their outright lies. Next........
  • Start learning how to effectively counter the weaknesses of the Bush Administration so you can stop avoiding George Bush. Regardless of what you think of the man personally, respect him for his single-minded dedication to keeping this country safe after 9/11.
Finally, start going after advertisers and manufacturers that advertise on major media outlets. The reasons for our interest are double standards, engaging in misinformation and promoting physical violence against an American President. Exposing the main stream media to their revenue source will force them into more balanced coverage or we boycott their products or services. Nothing hurts a business like losing money.

This battle to save America must be waged on all fronts simultaneously and at every conceivable intellectual, economic, social and legal level. It is best the RNC concentrate on the politics and the overall political strategy.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have We Been Scammed?

Did Barak Obama and the Democratically controlled congress initiate the greatest scam since human beings organized themselves into kingdoms and countries?

After hearing reporters and commentators on the various networks, reading blog entries on the Internet and various editorials from newspapers across America, it is all to obvious.

Very few, if any, media personnel that have the responsibility of giving the public verifiable information, are doing his/her/their job. Is it possible that the Democratically controlled U.S. House of Representatives, Senate and President Barak Obama are lying to us and misleading us?

No one has addressed this issue. Is the recently passed health care bill by the democratically controlled United States Senate, House of Representatives and being sold by President Barak Obama, a classic scam? Is it possible that no one is really scrutinizing our so-called congressional leadership because these people are democrats and Barak Obama is African American?

Giving the public misleading information and lying are the same. If any information given to the public is not true, it is a lie regardless of who is saying it, repeating it, reporting it or commenting on it. If information cannot be validated, independently of the source, it should not be reported as factual. If there is conflicting information, both sides of the issue should be heard. At least Fox News makes an attempt to be fair and balanced.

America is not some communist, totalitarian, socialist or fascist country, or a dictatorial regime or a "Banana Republic", at least not yet. All this was written to make these observations about the so-called health care debate that led to the health care bill and a supposedly massive restructuring of America's health care delivery systems.

The democrats seem to be very fond of repeating and identifying the horrors of America's so-called broken health care system. This broken system, according to democrats and their leadership is producing thousands of dead people annually because they did not have access to health care. Is this true? Where are the facts to verify these statements?

Secondly, what is the source of this information? It seems no news organization bothered to ask. The President said, he received letters from thousands of people about their medical horror stories, but, he has only mentioned one or two...and I know of only one that has been factually verified by Fox News. This number of 32,000,000 Americans without health insurance.... wait a minute....isn't there a difference between health care and health insurance? Again, nothing I have seen or read challenged the difference between the two.

The next issue that was poorly covered in the health care debate is denied coverage. How many people have been denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions? .... And... how does this number of denials compare to all the people that have a health insurance policy? Does having a health insurance policy translate into health care coverage? Or... can health care be received without having an insurance policy?

Has anyone bothered in the media to check out these statements to give us, the general public, the facts regarding these statements by democrats and the President? Or....Is the main stream media indirectly and unknowingly participating in and supporting this scam? Not even Fox News, the number one rated news service, bothered to question democrats or the President about their statements and their source/s of information relative to these horror medical stories. These statements might be coming from political operatives. They might even be vastly overstated and there is always the possibility that there might be other reasons for these so-called medical horror stories that have nothing to do with insurance companies.

What else did the news media fail to question the democrats and the President about?

1. How many people were actually dropped by insurance companies after becoming sick?
2. How many people actually lost their homes because of medical bills?
3. What is the primary reason why the cost of health care is escalating?
4. How can you save a dollar and spend it at the same time?
5. Can financial figures from the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) be manipulated to produce a politically pleasing result?
6. Can CBO numbers be verified or reviewed independently of Congress or must we rely solely on this so-called bi-partisan government agency?
7. Is there a better way to solve America's health care problems without costing trillions of dollars?
8. Can the government legally penalize someone if he/she fails to buy health insurance?
9. Can the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) really and legally be authorized to monitor and investigate American citizens as it relates to health care insurance?
10. Do people really come to emergency rooms for health care or for medical treatment?
11. Does having a national health care system translate into higher productivity, increased innovation and opportunity like the democrats are telling us?
12. Is being a woman a pre-existing condition that would facilitate denial of insurance coverage? {Gleaned from Nancy Pelosi's statement)
13. Can an Executive Order written by the President supersede statutory federal law?
14. Is there a loophole in the health care bill that would allow for abortion? And...if this loophole does not exist, why would President Obama need to sign an Executive Order?
15. Was Bart Stupak sincere? ....Are was he and his group holding out for a similar "Cornhusker Kickback" and when it could not happen, sought political cover from the President?

If these questions were asked and answered, were the answers verified independently of the source? These are just a few of the questions I have not read or seen on any major or minor media outlet. If these questions are not asked and the answers verified by an investigation into them, can we assume the "Fix" is in?

And...we, the American people, are about to be scammed out of trillions of dollars for a health care bill, that we just....might not its current form? Somebody somewhere is going to reap huge benefits from this health care bill and I can literally guarantee, it is not going to be the overwhelming majority of the American people.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Dimwits & Clowns In Washington DC
& The Barons Of Greed Are At It Again

When is the America public going to learn you can't trust dimwitted politicians, the "Barons of Greed" and you definitely can't trust the Democratic Party. America doesn't have a health care problem. America has an income problem, moral problems, leadership problems, integrity problems and whole lot more.

The problem being debated is not medical care, which is what the average die-in-the-woodwork democratic supporter will never really understand, because of sawdust for brains.

Who created the overwhelming majority of problems in America's health care system? The Democratic Party and their supporters. Therefore, this health care debate, if you can call it that, is another fraud and scam being inflicted on the America public, by the usual suspects, the dimwits and clowns in Washington, DC, the Democratic Party, their liberal socioeconomic supporters and whatever Republican/s they can scrounge up or intimidate into voting for this farce called "health care reform". The real health care coverage debate involves "who gets paid", "how much he/she/they/it gets paid" and how fast the dimwits in the Senate and the House of Representatives can send you - the taxpayer - the bill. There are none so blind as those that will not see.

When is America and perhaps the rest of the civilized world going to realize President Barack Obama is a Con, a closet socialist and a "Front" man. The Democratic Party and the rest of liberal America cannot soothe their guilty conscious with President Barack Obama. The progressives (socialists and borderline communists) will bring absolute destruction to America. They (the Democratic Party and their liberal supporters) really believe by fronting an African American in the White House, they can conveniently hide behind his faked leadership, while they (the Democratic Party and their supporters) bring down America and the rest of the civilized world. Can you imagine the Taliban running things around here?

The threat of "Black Folk" rioting in the streets, (if we speak out to strongly against Obama's faked leadership and socialism) because of America's large African American population, will not cut any mustard here. The current Democratic Leadership is a dangerous bunch. No more or less dangerous than the Nazi Party in Germany and the Fascists in Italy. They (the Democratic Party and their supporters) hope to hide behind the Con Man - Barack Obama - while they (the Democratic Party and their supporters) bleed the last ounce of financial blood out of the America people with their ill conceived and ill timed health care overhaul or should I say transfer of wealth. Socialism, in modern times, has survived around the world because America (the home of shop til you drop) has survived. When America is no more, the real, ugly, nasty and deadly face of socialism will be revealed for what it really is - the scourge of humanity.

The "Greed Barons" on Wall Street still have not learned, phony money is phony money. The American economy cannot sustain a dow above 10,000, just like it could not and did not sustain a dow above 14,000. The "Bail-out Money" is just that - a "bail out" not a license to return to business as usual, that is bidding up the value of worthless paper. America's economy is on life support and the light bill is due. What does this mean? It means, there is no money to pay the bill. So what happens to your life support system when the electricity is turned off and the backup generators are out of gas? You die. America's death knell is sounding louder and louder and getting closer and closer. How did we, the America people, elect so many clowns, dimwits, knuckleheads and outright liars and deceivers to public office?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Glorious & Sensational Liar

President Obama was swept into office and the Democratic Party was given a majority in the U.S. Congress on a tidal wave of false promises and lies. Obama is no more or less than a Glorious and Sensational Liar. America's disenchantment over the War in Iraq, put the wrong people in office at the wrong time in history. The Obama Administration has no intention of saving Constitutional America.

The goal of the Obama Administration, the Democratic Party, the liberal left and their liberal socio-economic supporters is a Socialist America. President Obama is basically a socialist. Socialism contradicts "Free Enterprise" Capitalism. As America moves closer to socialism, the more America will decline. Socialism as a governing philosophy is stagnant because of the moral hazards socialism produces.

The overwhelming majority of Democrats are socialist and borderline communist. They are afflicted with the belief that they know better than you, and therefore, should control ever aspect of your life. Government is the tool by which they hope to accomplish their objective. Consequently, The Democratic Party, the liberal left and their socio-economic supporters have no choice but to lie to the American people and camouflage their lies with thin veneers of truth.

The vast majority of the voting public does not have enough political sophistication to separate lies from truth. In fact, the overwhelming majority prefers lies to truth and government checks to productive effort. Obama and the Democrats lied when they said they would continue America's fight against terrorism. They lied when they said they were ushering in an era of change. They lied when they said their so-called economic investment and recovery program was free of non-essential items.

America will pay a dear price for the hatred and disrespect the political left had for former President Bush. Naturally, the political left will not admit or own up to anything. Nature will exact her price independent of one's political belief, education, social status, perceived or real power, personal philosophy or ignorance of natural laws. These people are largely perverted with a warp and twisted sense of truth and reality. America will pay for its shortsightedness and unfounded fascination with their own selfish desires and aspirations.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Exposing the 700 Billion Dollar Bail Out Myth

Our gutless politicians and the "Barons of Greed" (Wall Street styled Banking and Investment Firms) need to tell the American people the truth and end the deception. This so-called 700 billion dollar bail out is just another gimmick.

In fact, it is the lastest political and economic gimmick the political and financial establishment have tossed our way. The American political and financial establishments have been feeding the American people a steady diet of lies for so many years, lies seem like the truth and the truth seem like lies.

The "Big Lie" #1 is the American economy is not in trouble. The American economy has been in trouble for years. The reason why it does not seem so dire is because fully two-thirds of this economy is based on consumer spending. When the American public stops shopping til they drop the economy heads downward.

For years the nation managed to survive because the rest of the world was still recovering from the financail devastation of World War II. Germany, France, England, Japan, China, Korea, Italy, the rest of Europe and the remaining nations that were impacted by European madnes have fully recovered. America's wars have largely kept the nation's economy humming over the past few years.

The "Big Lie" #2 is the global economy has been beneficial to this country. America has enjoyed a low birth rate for a number of years and so has Europe and England. This low birth rate gives our financial and political establishment the illusion that plenty of jobs are available stateside. This insane belief that the economy is growing enough to accomodate the increasing demand for employment has led many American companies to ship jobs and factories overseas. They believe the myth and lie this will make American products more competitive. Nothing is farther from the truth.

The "Big Lie" #3 is the fundamentals of the economy are strong. "Doggie Poop". The fundamentals of our economy have never been weaker. Our steadily weakening economy will eventually collapse the world's stock markets . The reason: America is the dumping ground for the world's gizmos, gadgets and illegal drugs. No other country on this planet has over 250 million thoroughly conditioned "limp-brained" consumers.

The "Big Lie" #4 is China will eventually open its huge population base to American products. Another pile of "Doggie Poop". China is simply waiting us out and our greedy short-sighted financial and political leadership. In the end, China will win the test of wills. China is now the manufacturing center of the planet and they are not going to give up their new found status easily.

The "Big Lie" #5 is education will save us. This would be true if America were the only country on the planet. The America that help win World War I and World II no longer exist. The American population that built this country is virtually extinct. What remains are millions of light headed, educated, functional dimwits that really believe because they are articulate, can think a little bit and have college degrees that they are intelligent. The entire world already knows the average American is an idiot.

The "Big Lie" #6 is the American Spirit will pull us through this. Where is my "Doggie Pooper Scooper"? It's beginning to pile up all over this post. Whatever American Spirit that existed when Bill Clinton became President was throughly destroyed by the time he left office. Whenever a politician says, "I trust the American people", find the nearest commode and regurgitate your food in it. Whatever politician or political leader that repeats this lie, already knows if the American people could really be trusted, he/she would have been voted out of office years before. If our voting public really could be trusted, Washington DC would be empty and the vast majority of our state and local legislators would be in jail for graft and corruption. It's precisely because the voting public cannot be trusted is the primary reason why our political and financial establishment is the way it is and the country is in the sorry shape it is in.

The "Big Lie" #7, this government proposed "Bail Out Plan" will prevent an economic meltdown. Let's just say this, the day of reckoning will be postponed, but not prevented. This post is not big enough to examine over 200 years of lies spewed from the mouths of our political establishment. If you are one of the intelligent Americans left in the country, you will quickly and easily add to this list of lies.